Thoughts on food 3-Ingredients


This will be some ingredient recommendations by me but before I do that, I want to mention that I did try the Beaumont coffee as a French Press brew.  I have to admit though, the French style did not seem to improve the coffee after all.  Looks like drip coffee sometimes is the way to go.

Now on to the ingredients.  The first one that I want to mention has to do with baking cakes.  If you are using a cake mix, chances are the mix will call for some vegetable oil.  If you want to bake a richer, flavorful cake, use butter instead of oil.  The fat of the butter will provide additional flavor to your cake seeing as the adage of fat=flavor, is true.

A simple improvement to macaroni and cheese, is to add tuna.  After you have stirred up the noodles with the cheese and the macaroni is ready to serve, open a can of tuna and stir it into your macaroni.  The canned tuna will stick to the macaroni, you will not need mayonnaise.  And technically, tuna and macaroni counts as seafood pasta.

If you are baking or frying chicken and want to add a cheddar flavor to your chicken, try using cheez-it crackers.  Grind the crackers into powder then sprinkle or rub the powder on.

And don’t be afraid to rub powders onto meat.

Some have improved on their chicken by adding cornflakes cereal to their mix.  I have never  tried that and do not like mixing sweet and savory flavors so, I cannot fully endorse that.

Hot dog and hamburger buns can be improved by toasting them right before serving the hot dogs and hamburgers.  If you do not have or do not want to use a toaster, the broiler in your oven will work just as well, then add butter and serve.  Adding powdered garlic to your buns along with the butter gives them a garlic toast flavor, which I have never regretted doing.

If you are cooking Mexican food, be sure to season your meat with ground Cumin.  The Cumin will help give your food an authentic flavor.

Matter of fact, do not be afraid to over season your meat.  Under seasoned meat is bland meat, after all.

With some ingredients, it is best to let these ingredients disappear.  For example, when cooking a fridge cake, I have found that it is best to let any ice crystals melt before trying the cake…not that I have done that before or anything…

That’s it for this one guys, until next time!