Services I Offer

These are all of the food blog services that I offer.  Currently, all prices are negotiable.

  1. Product Review: Do you want someone to try your new food or ingredients?  Contact me via e-mail and let’s work together.  I am willing to share photos and videos of me trying your product out
  2. Comparative Shopping: Do you want to know what the best coffee, pizza, ice cream or anything food related is in the Johnson County, KS area?  Or which restaurant has the best guest services?  Even the best price of simple things like flour or butter?  Contact me via e-mail and I will be your food investigator.
  3. Freelance Writing: Do you want to hire a guest blogger, speech writer, comedy writer, or any type of writer in general?  Let me know.
  4. In House Comedian: Would you be willing to hire a comedian for your house or workplace?  Someone who would spend a year at your place just being funny or the guy everyone can laugh at?  This service would replace my day job so, I have to ask that it pay $42,424.42 per year.  Must be in the Kansas City area.  Contact me if interested.

For more information on comedy writing, visit my comedy blogs here and here.


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