Thoughts on Food 1

Hello!  This will be my first post on Norris Cafe.  I do have some experience in blogging, my last blog can be found here.  Anyway, these posts will be my thoughts and recommendations on food and drink, as well as product recommendations.  More photos will come along with this blog as well.

Also, if you want to get to know me, I have an introduction posted here.  The TLDR version is that I’m in my 30’s and can only get jobs in fast casual restaurants.

I recently blogged on coffee, specifically how to make regular coffee taste like French Press style coffee.  If you came here from that post, welcome!

One unique food idea that I want to share on here has to do with chili.  It might sound strange but, chili and beans are really good with ranch dressing on top.  Yes, it’s true.  You read that right, put ranch on top of your chili.  You can thank me later.

If you are still not convinced, remember that ranch has garlic in it.  Garlic tastes great with chili and the creaminess of ranch only makes it better.

Garlic has other benefits as well!  Aside from being a go-to herb to add flavor, it is also related to onions and shallots-other supreme flavor enhancers.  Garlic also contains Vitamin C, Manganese, as well as fiber.  Go ahead and add ranch and/or garlic itself to your chili!

I could mention the most obvious benefit of garlic on here but, that would be stating the obvious.  I do not want to talk down to anyone here so I will not bother to repeat that the fact that garlic repels vampires.

Garlic also has been known to ruin one’s own breath, which is an effective deterent against unwanted lovers.

As for ranch, I do prefer the traditional type.  Some stores carry spiced ranch but, I never wanted to try that.  Ranch can be made spicy at home by mixing it with your favorite hot sauce anyway.

I also do not recommend taking a bath in ranch dressing.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand, chili is enhance with ranch because it contains garlic and/or onions.  I prefer white and green onions, myself.  Chili is also good as part of a Frito Pie, as long as it’s made with cheddar cheese.  Does Frito Pie taste good with ranch?  I don’t know, never tried it.  Let me know if you have.

That’s enough about ranch and chili.  As for the future of this blog, I have some product reviews coming up and some of my favorite recipes as well.  What are some products that you would like me to review?  Let me know!